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Fri 03 Mar 2006

Yesterday.sg features Raffles Museum

Category : museums

03 Mar 2006 - The Museum Roundtable just launched (1st March 2006) a blog/blog aggregator of hertage stories called Yesterday.sg.

This morning Yesterday's RSS feed featured a post about the Raffles Museum, "Walk on the wild side" by June Yong, 03 Mar 2006.

"So you've been to the zoo, the night safari, and you see yourself as a rather wild dog. But have you been up close and personal with dead animals, so real that you can feel the hairs on your neck stand? Well it's time to visit the Raffles Museum of Biodiversity Research (RMBR) at NUS.

Hope over for a look...

They are encouraging the public to contribute as welll:

"Fancy an Apple iMac, Sony Mini Divi Handycam, or Sony Cybershot digicam? Post your stories (and pictures) on museums and heritage in Singapore on yesterday.sg and the top three posts with the highest number of votes by 31 March will win the prizes stated above!

In addition, by posting, you'll also be automatically eligible for a lucky draw where you could win a Compaq laptop, Motorola ROKR phone, iPod nanos etc.

Prizes aside, we would really like to hear your stories on growing up in Singapore. Stuff not found in the history books, like the closing of the National Library, the demolition of Geylang Serai market, Old Airport Road Hawker Centre and so on.

Just sign up on yesterday.sg and you can start blogging."

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