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Thu 24 May 2007

Biodiversity of Singapore Symposium II - webpages, reports and photo albums

Category : meetings

Books at the symposium

Peter Ng & Tommy Koh looking on with satisfaction at
"The Natural Heritage of Singapore, 2nd edition."

Lena Chan, Pår Ahlberger, Anna Maj Hultgård and Peter Ng looking at
"Carl Linnaeus" by Gunnar Broberg.

Tommy Koh, Ng Lang & Lena Chan with
"The Annotated Checklist of the Birds of Singapore."

The symposium announcement was made in Habitatnews and Raffles Museum News on 15 May 2007 but I was actually scooped by Ria Tan on WildSingapore who posted the announcement the previous night!

Reports and albums

  • "Biodiversity of Singapore Symposium II (2007)," by N. Sivasothi. Raffles Museum News, 22 May 2007.
  • Flickr album from BoSS II. Photos by Hwang Wei Song, Airani S. & Cynthia Lee, 22 May 2007.
  • "Biodiversity of Singapore Symposium II - opening remarks," by Marcus Ng (more to come!) The Annotated Budak, 23 May 2007.
  • "Tommy Koh's green mission: Save 2 species." By T. Rajan. The Straits Times, 23 Apr 2007. Top diplomat getting Zoo's help to save monkey and squirrel unique to Singapore.

In a lighter vein

  • "That 15 mins presentation today," by N. Sivasothi. Otterman speaks..., 22 May 2007.
  • "Phew, symposium webpage up!" By N. Sivasothi. Otterman speaks..., 15 May 2007.
  • "Talk at Biodiversity of Singapore Symposium," by Adrian Loo. Lekowala, 22 May 2007.

Symposium webpage

Linnaeus tercentenary: Celebrating Linnaeus' 300th birthday - Flickr album - del.icio.us bookmarks.

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