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Thu 07 Sep 2006

Workshop on the Marine Natural History of the Tioman Marine Park Group of Islands, 17-20 Sep 2006

Category : meetings

"Dear Singapore Colleagues,

The University of Malaya Maritime Research Centre (UMMReC) is pleased to invite you to the Workshop on the Marine Natural History of the Tioman Marine Park Group of Islands. The aim of the workshop is to highlight past research work that has been conducted in the Tioman Group of Islands, and to set up concrete collaborations between workshop participants.

UMMReC is also happy to announce that the University of Malaya Marine Research Station will be launched during this workshop. This centre, wholly managed and run by UMMReC, comprises a laboratory space and ample accommodation for visiting researchers to Pulau Tioman.

Workshop Dates:
17 Sep 2006: Arrival in Tioman
18 Sep 2006: Launch and Workshop
19 Sep 2006: Workshop (1/2 day)
20 Sep 2006: Leave Tioman

Download instructions and programe.

Objectives of Workshop

  1. To discover and disseminate to stakeholders all relevant scientific research and data that is available;
  2. To enhance collaboration between research institutions or individuals with guidance from management on current priority issues;
  3. To agree on utilizing the marine research station as a platform for further research on Pulau Tioman;
  4. To come up with a viable and attainable research and management plan.

Oral and Poster Papers: Oral papers will be presented by invited speakers. Poster papers are invited from all interested participants. Posters may address any research issue in the Tioman Group of Islands. However, priority will be given to those that address marine & coastal biodiversity and resources. The aim of the poster papers is to give an idea of the type and breadth of research that has been conducted in the Tioman Group of Islands, and will form the basis for the discussion session on Future Research Priorities. All extended abstracts will be distributed at the workshop.

For registration details, contact: Affendi Yang Amri (affendi@um.edu.my) or Jillian Ooi Lean Sim (jillian_03@um.edu.my)

Cost of seminar package: RM150.00


Salam Sejahtera,"

Jillian Ooi
Department of Geography
Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences
University of Malaya
7967 5537

Forwarded by Prof Chou Loke Ming

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