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Mon 03 Oct 2005

The Petrus Artedi Tricentennial Symposium on Systematic Ichthyology

Category : meetings

Or of a rare sighting of Maurice Kottelat in a suit.

From the Artedi website:

13 Sep 2005 - "The Artedi Tricentennial Symposium on Ichthyology commemorated the birth of Artedi by providing a forum of excellence for summarizing the present state of systematic ichthyology.

The invited speakers represent today's frontline of research on the inventory and systematic arrangement of the global fish fauna, as well as phylogenetics and biological information systems.

The programme opened with a day of public lectures, held on the 13th of September in the Beijer Hall at the Swedish Royal Academy of Sciences.

Amongst the five Artedi Lecturers for 2005 was Maurice Kottelat, Honorary Research Associate, Raffles Museum of Bioddiversity Research, who delivered a lecture "2349 years", 'alluding to the number of years since the first comprehensive scientific fish work was written by Aristotelis'.

Lynne R. Parenti, a frequent collaborator with museum staff, was also an Artedi Lecturer 2005, and presented "The Relationship Between Biogeography and Phylogeny of Fishes", 'which demonstrated the need to include the biogeographic perspective.'


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