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Wed 10 Aug 2005

Hennig XXIV: NUS students win awards

Category : meetings

Hennig XXIV
25-29 July 2005 - Rudolf Meier and five of his students from the Evolutionary Biology Laboratory attended the 24th Meeting of the Willi Hennig Society - Hennig XXIV - in Fagernes, Norway. The society is the publisher of "Cladistics".

Four students, Kathy Feng-Yi Su, Farhan B Ali, Nalini Puniamoorthy and Shiyang Kwong gave 30-minute student presentations witnessed by a jury of distinguished faculty members from institutions such as Harvard University and the University of Stockholm. Three of the students (Farhan, Nalini and Shiyang) are undergraduates and were judged alongside postgraduate students from Scandinavia, France, and the US.

All the NUS students win awards!
At the banquet dinner five awards were given out for the best student talks. Four of them went to the four NUS students!

  • First prize: Kathy Feng-Yi Su (USD 1000).
  • Third prize: Farhan B Ali (USD 500).
  • Honourable mention: Nalini Puniamoorthy (one-year subscription to Cladistics).
  • Honourable mention: Shiyang Kwong (one-year subscription to Cladistics).

The students had been remarkably successful in raising funding for attending the conference. Nalini successfully applied for a grant from the Singapore Indian Education Trust, Shiyang received an USP study grant, Kathy conference support from Department of Biological Sciences, and Farhan, Kathy, and Nalini also received Mary Stopes student travel awards from the Willi Hennig Society (USD 500 each).

Congratulations to all four!

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