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Tue 29 May 2007

Channel U's "On the Beat 2" to feature Raffles Museum

Category : media

29 May 2007 - The film crew from Channel U's "On the Beat 2" visited the Raffles Museum today. The television show is telecast over Channel U at 8.30pm every Tuesday, and is hosted by Vivian Lai, Tang Ling Wi and Jeremy Tian. The show features interesting places, people, food and products in and around Singapore.

Research writer Linda Yap from the Chinese Entertainment Productions of Mediacorp Studios Pte Ltd approached us about including the Raffles Museum in one episode. Last Friday, Spruce Leong turned up for a whirlwind recce to the Pubic Gallery. He was quick and prepared and responded enthusiastically about the suggestion to visit the Wet Collection to inject a little life into the episode.

Finding living, non-specimen faces for the camera is not always easy, but this time, with curator K. L. Yeo providing flower crabs for a demo, I figured I was justified in snatching grad student Joelle Lai away from her thesis for an hour. She works on the genus after all and her spoken Mandarin can pass muster.

Spruce and the film crew turned up earlier this afternoon and got things settled before 5pm. From request to completion in just a week; this was an efficient team - and you be the judge of the result. Catch "On the Beat 2" on Channel U at 8.30pm on Wednesday, 12th June 2007 (schedule may change but I am told trailers don't lie).

Joelle explaining the intricasies of preservation before filming began.
L-R: Spruce Leong, Vivian Lai, Tang Ling Wi, Jeremy Tian and Joelle Lai

After they had left, intern Ong Ruo Yu, who had acompanied the team and taken most of these photos, followed the newly-learnt instructions from Joelle's demo to inject the remaining crabs. She preserved the lot into a container provided by Kelvin Lim; the flower crabs will be used for guide training and Public Gallery demos - since IMD, we have started using wet specimens during gallery visits.

Ruo Yu and the freshly preserved flower crabs (Portunus pelagicus).

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