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Mon 14 May 2007

Code Red, a new outdoor reality game show on TCS Ch8 (television)

Category : media

Research Writer Gin Sei Fong from MediaCorp Studios wrote to suggest including the Public Gallery of Raffles Museum of Biodiversity Research in Code Red, a new outdoor reality game show that will be broadcast on TCS Ch8 in June 2007 on Tuesdays at 8pm (see the forum and starnews for details and updates).

Sei Fong wrote (excerpts):,

"Code Red," a new reality game show by Mediacorp Studios for the Chinese language Channel 8. It will introduce little known places, people and activities in Singapore to encourage Singaporeans to explore the different corners of Singapore and to understand their own heritage.

In each episode, three teams will compete to discover a maximum number of locations in four hours out of a possible 15 using provided clues. The locations/people where a red ball is hidden will have a unique significant value or an interesting background. The participants will discover the stories and heritage behind the objects they are hunting for."

Sei Fong commented that they knew of NUS graduates who had never heard of the museum and hoped to help raise awareness. I appreciated the sentiment while exchanging emails about arrangements, commented that it's one reason why museum volunteers, the Toddycats, have begun making an appearance during fairs in the university, to help raise awareness of the museum and its activities within campus itself.

The crew came to the museum on Friday to film the gallery and collections, and hid a red ball in the gallery, which the contestants would come to look for during the actual game. The game was played the next day, and on Saturday afternoon, museum volunteer Gwynne who was left holding the fort, twittered,

"The Mediacorp people just came and went (show's called "Follow the little red dot"). Like tornado! Kym Ng has very distinct voice. ^_^."

Interestingly, host Kym Ng has visited the museum a decade or so ago when the collection was featured in another programme. During that shoot, she and museum staff Kelvin Lim discover that they were schoolmates!

Sei Fong just wrote: "The museum will be featured in Episode 2, which will be broadcast on 19 June [2007]."

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