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Wed 02 May 2007

Video released - Raffles Museum episode from Explore Singapore!

Category : education

28 Apr 2007 - Yesterday.sg featured the Raffles Museum episode from Explore Singapore! series that was first screened on 11 Jan 2007.

Explore Singapore! was produced by NHB in partnership with NLB and MDA ane the series is owned by NHB. This is the first time a television series has been released to YouTube so kudos are owed to the folk at NHB who ensured we get a taste of museums through these clips. Its a sign of more good things to come!

As these were not meant to be stand alone episodes, the plot line may interfere with the "tour." We were lucky in that the Raffles Museum episode jumps right in to stories from the Public Gallery almost immediately. The character played local comedian Moses Lim talks about the accidental visitors whose preserved bodies can be seen in the Public Gallery: the East Coast Black Marlin (1986) and the Legend of Bukit Merah and the Siglap Turtle (1883).

You can read more about the Black Marlin in the Raffles Museum Newsletter No. 4. In February 2005, Habitatnews featured Ivan Chew's drawings of the Legend of Bukit Merah.

As the episode progresses , we show the pair the Wallace flycatcher, not really an inspiring sight but a priceless relic of Alfred Russell Wallace that naturalists and scientists will appreciate. The bird on the stamp that they purportedly were investigating is the Yellow-bellied Prinia, which I featured in Habitatnews after the episode was first screened.

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