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Tue 17 Apr 2007

Photos from Singapore Heritage Society's tour of the Raffles Museum

Category : education

Last Saturday (14 Apr 2007) we played host to members of the Singapore Heritage Society. This informed and engaged group were treated to a special tour of the Public Gallery, Wet and Dry Collections that took about three hours until we finally decided we needed lunch!

On hand to take photos were bloggers and "Friends of Yesterday," Kenneth Pinto and Kevin Lim. As a result, there are now two lovely collections up on the web.

They avoided using the camera flash in order to protect pigments on specimens or displays, the same reason why the ambient lighting is so low in a museum's gallery or collections. In order to achieve reasonable brightness, their camera's EXIF data reveal settings of between ISO320 - 1600.

Kevin is back from Buffalo, New York for a semester of teaching and his camera's date/time settings are still set to EST so you have to add 12 hours for SGT.

Both are released with large-sized photos under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.0 license - this allows you to freely use and modify the photos for non-commercial use - you don't have to ask for permission, just cite the source and release your work under a similar license. .

Photos by Kenneth Pinto and Kevin Lim.

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