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Tue 20 Mar 2007

S. A. Tan's blog post series on the Raffles Museum's Public Gallery

Category : education

S. A. Tan visited the Raffles Museum's Public Gallery when we opened up all Saturday during the NUS Open House. Between 10 Mar and 19 Mar, she made a series of 11 blog posts of annotated photos (hosted on Flickr) that she took in the gallery.

Last night she announced that she had finally finished, so here are the links to her posts; you can start at the beginning since each page has a previous and next link. And do add comments she might useful!

Trip to the Raffles Museum of Biodiversity Research: A series of annotated photos by S. A. Tan. SATan's Kingdom, 10-19 Mar 2007.

  1. Near the Entrance - link
  2. Smuggler's Loot and Strange Edible Stuff - link
  3. Gallery of taxidermised specimens pt I - link
  4. Gallery of taxidermised specimens pt II - link
  5. Civet cats, a cobra and a dangerous sounding Stink Badger - link
  6. Creatures of the deep (and not so deep) - link
  7. Assorted Small Animals - link
  8. Reptiles - link
  9. Fish and Crabs - link
  10. Insects - link
  11. Weird stuff - link

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