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Thu 11 Jan 2007

Thu 11 Jan 2007: Explore Singapore features the Raffles Museum tonight

Category : education

Explore Singapore, Thu 11 Jan 2007: 7.30pm

Explore Singapore! is a six-episode heritage series that "features a mind-bogglingly wide array of museums, galleries and institutions. The storyline is "interwoven with its factual content, which marks a departure from the traditional textbook interpretation of history."

"Moses' character, former museum curator Professor Heng, comes across English art student Sara Thompson (Elizabeth) who has come to Singapore in search of her long-lost mother. He offers to assist Sara in exchange for the use of illustrations she created in his book on local museums."

In tonight's episode, the pair hunt the Raffles Museum for more clues! The episode was filmed at the museum last October. You will also see the insides of the Museum of Shanghai Toys, Sports Museum and the Singapore Philatelic Museum. See "a little bird told me review" at Yesterday.sg.


Thanks to Amy Marlina for the reminder!

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