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Mon 04 Dec 2006

Working on the Black Marlin exhibit

Category : education

The Raffles Museum has a Black Marlin (Makaira indica) specimen which was mounted in 1986. Curator KL Yeo brought it out to the Public Gallery some time ago but since then, we have not added much information to it. The guides do tell a wonderful story based on this story which we summarised in the Raffles Museum newsletter, but the casual visitor would not be aware of any of this.

So I sat down with the two teachers on work attachment with the Raffles Museum, Chen Yingru (Qifa Primary) and Chin Joong Fui (Corporation Primary) earlier this morning.

We discused some web2.0 tutorial tools which would aid their investigation and subsequent collaborative work, and through that, also discussed the many story angles around the Black Marlin, after which the meeting room's glass table top was covered with a scrawl of the plan.

With the stories, their pedagogic skills and some gems, such as Ivan Chew's 2005 illustrations of the Legend of Bukit Merah, the casual visitor is going to find the Black Marlin exhibit a whole lot more educational in future!

Meanwhile, my web2.0 partner in crime, Adrian Loo, has similarly evangelised Firefox and GMail to students involved in his barcording project - see Barracoders.

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