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Wed 29 Nov 2006

Web 2.0 for teachers

Category : education

Along with the explosion of information on the internet, a variety of real-time, community tools have emerged, including something vaguely termed Web 2.0. Two workshops were conducted for teachers last week to demonstrated how these free tools could be used easily learnt and were a significant tool for the classroom and science.

This year, Adrian Loo collaborated with me on content and appraoach. As we taught the class, we generated and updated this Google Document, "Web 2.0: tools for teachers." [By N. Sivasothi & Adrian Loo, 24 Nov 2006]. We are able to access this document from our GMail accounts, where we can simultaneously edit the document and publish the updates on the same webpage!

We also had the company of Linda Goh from Sungei Buloh Wetlands Reserve. Watch out for an announcement about wireless at the reserve soon - the combination of mangrove access and Web 2.0 is something a lot of us are looking forward to!

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