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Tue 25 Apr 2006

Dinosaurs are coming!

Category : education

25 Apr 2006 - The press listened to the head honchos behind the Dinosaurs! exhibit speak like a bunch of excited school kids at the Science Centre's Courtyard - Clarence Sirisena, Asst. Chief Executive, Singapore Science Centre; Chew Tuan Chiong, Chief Executive, Singapore Science Centre, Tan Eng Chye, Dean, Faculty of Science, National University of Singapore and Peter Ng, Director of Raffles Museum of Biodiversity Research, Faculty of Science, NUS.

Stan, the second most complete Tyrannosaurus rex was also in attendance. I hear Sue has actually just arrived too, and was probably listening from behind closed doors nearby, in boxes waiting to be unpacked.

Clarence suggested I also mention how his and Peter's enthusiasm reverberated through Stan, and he swears Stan's eyes glinted. I simply thought Stan was rolling his eyes as Clarence mentioned a tagline that does not seem to have been received with much enthusiasm by anyone else so far - "Stan meets Sue, how do you do? A 65 million year love affair comes alive."

I blogged this from within the Science Centre - Daniel Tan informed me the network is accessible anywhere within the premises - that's good news since Peter Ng, Raffles Museum's blog-friendly director just suggested a competition for the best blog post on the Dinosaurs! exhibit. Prizes? Well he suggested we give away a few of these really impressive dinosaurs models worth more than $100 each!

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