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Fri 17 Mar 2006

Museum attachment: Collection field trip and preservation of specimens

Category : education

Mar 2006 - During the March school holidays, two groups of five students from Methodist Girls' School joined the RMBR Museum Attachment program for three days. They were introduced to the role of the museum, and attached to the museum curators, Ms Lua and Mr Yeo respectively.

Andrea, Natalie, Shuyi, Sze Wing and Tricia went to a patch of wasteland in the Queenstown area to learn about insect specimen collection, and focused mainly on butterflies, which they enjoyed most out of the entire attachment program. This was something fun that they have not done before.

Sandra, Nicole, Cara, Maxine and Shuhui on the other hand got a chance to preserve specimens in storage in the freezers ranging from snakes, squirrels, fishes, horseshoe crabs, prawns, bats, and flower crabs.

They are still in the midst of their attachment.

By Wong Yueat Tin

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