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Mon 06 Mar 2006

DINOSAURS! Coming in May 2006

Category : education

A dinosaur exhibition jointly funded and organised by NUS' Faculty of Science and the Singapore Science Centre will open at the Singapore Science Centre on 21st May 2006. The colourful banner above was designed by the SSC's staff in preparation for this exhibit.

The exhibit will feature two casts of Tyrannosaurus rex - one of STAN that the Singapore Science Centre owns, and the other of "a T. rex named Sue" from the Field Museum, Chicago.

The other components are a selection of polar dinosaurs called "Dinosaurs of Darkness" from Monash University's Monash Science Centre and an exhibition by NUS' Faculty of Science with the working title of "Extinction is Forever". Relevant current issues such as mass extinction, habitat loss in Southeast Asia and climate change that are obviously suggested by the demise of the dinosaurs will be addressed.

Supporting the exhibits will be interactive displays, the all important guides, a sandpit for mini-digs, workshops, a symposium and public lecture.

Swee Hee is the pointman on this project for the Raffles Museum and since he sits behind me , I hear various expressions emanating from his corner that reflect the ups and down of project management. Sometimes though, I am roped in to help tackle sudden and urgent requests so it is quite unnerving!

Singapore Science Centre's staff have already swung into action and conducted a road show with Mediacorp TV12's Kids Central in town last weekend. Eamon Wong's mum send me photos he took with his handphone. They were little fogged up by condensation but enough to see some young un's enjoying themselves!

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