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Mon 12 Dec 2005

Semakau public walk and recent sightings of marine mammals there

Category : education

03 Dec 2005 - Another public walk at Semakau landfill was organised for the public. This time a group of 10 members of the public and 10 teachers from Paya Lebar Methodists Girls went on a guided walk with 8 guides and coordinators from the Raffles Museum.

Mr Poi, a Senior Technical Officer from Semakau Landfill gave an informative slide presentation and tour of the operations of the landfill and entertained us with his exciting stories of wildlife. A few days prior to our visit (30 Nov 2005), he saw a grey dolphin and a pink-coloured dolphin swimming in the sea between Pulau Hantu and Semakau. Another piece of exciting news was two sightings of an otter reportedly the size of a small dog recorded by Mr Yew, another Senior Technical Officer, who drove us around the landfill.

Our Semakau guides (Leong Wai, Tan Tiong Chin, Ron Yeo, Daniel Chia, Toh Chay Hoon and Peter See) received lots of praises from the visitors, for their excellent guiding and friendly attitudes. Everyone was happy and relaxed.

Thanks to all the NEA staff who help facilitated our walk, Ria for coordinating and setting up the intertidal route, Priscilla for recording the walk on video and all the guides for their excellent job.

By Wang Luan Keng.

Excityed visitors getting a close look at the Knobbly Sea Star ( Protoreaster nodosus) on the exposed shoreline of Pulau Semakau.

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