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Sat 03 Dec 2005

"every life counts.."

Category : education

Ah Ming, an NUS undergraduate, visited the Raffles Museum recently. He writes,

"i went to Raffles Museum Biodiversity Research for one of my assignment recently.."

"The carcass of a baby leopard cat - whose sighting was recorded only twice in Singapore history - is taxidermised carefully after it was run over on Mandai Road last June."

"u ever know singapore havae leopards? the sight is kinda gross.. the poor cat head is like totally GONe.. just a bloodly mass..if u ever make a visit to the musuem. u can see how fragile life of such animals.."

this is the link

"there is a dead dugong also.. dugong are not extinct because they are "go[i]ng" okie.."

"so sad le...got a big Giant skull of the dugong . yah that particular dead one.. locatde in the musuem.."

"yes yes,, they are both local cases.. if u tink we are insignifcant in contributing to animal extinct.. u are so dead wrong.. every life counts.."

More at his blog.

See also Vicki's blog post from 2004.

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