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Tue 22 Nov 2005

First intertidal & landfill public visit to Pulau Semakau

Category : education

19 Nov 2005 - The Raffles Museum conducted the first Semakau landfill cum intertidal walk for 20 members of the public. They arrived at the Marine Transfer Station on Semakau Landfill (SL) in the late afternoon and were treated to a slide presentation by the General Manager of SL, Mr Ong Chong Peng. Joining us on the tour is the Chairman of NEA, Prof Simon Tay and his family, and Head of Waste Management, Mr Low Fong Hon as well as reporter from Lian He Zao Bao.

The group first took a bus ride through the operations of the landfill and reforested mangroves. Mr Loo Eng Por, the Operation Manager, gave a running commentary.

The nature walk began when eight guides and trainees led the visitors through the forest to reach the intertidal area on the eastern shoreline of Semakau.

Experienced guides, Chua Siew Chin and Loh Tse-Lynn then led smaller groups and introduced interesting plants and animals found on the intertidal area, including a huge sea cucumber! The exploration took them through the seagrass zone extending far into the distance and the coral rubble zone.

Although the tide was still low, night was slowing creeping in, and with considerable reluctance, the group turned back before it got too dark.

Thanks to Ria Tan who helped to set up markers for the trail and looked for interesting animals to highlight, Alvin from Wildfilms who recorded the entire trip on video. Our two guides, Siew Chin and Tse-Lynn for doing an excellent job, OJTs Leong Wai, Annie Giri, Laura Tham and Toh Chay Hoon who assisted the guides. NEA staff for providing the landfill tour and ferrying the group to the intertidal area. Last but not least, thanks to all those who participated in the walk.

By Wang Luan Keng,
Semakau Intertidal Walk Coordinator.

More photos on Flickr.


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