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Tue 06 Sep 2005

Workshops last week

Category : education

Raffles Museum conducted a few workshops and field trips last week.

30 Aug 2005: A group of 42 Raffles Institution students (Gifted Program) experience a mangrove/insect workshop at Khatib Bongsu. The boys had lots of fun learning about insects. Unfortunately, it rained heavily and the field trip was cut short. In the lab, the boys learned about various insect orders and how to preserve them from the Curator of Insects, Ms H. K. Lua. Research Officer Sivasothi treated them to an interesting and energetic slide talk on mangroves and conservation in Singapore.

02 Sep 2005: Another group of 42 RI boys (Gifted Program) were lucky enough to go for a field trip at Ulu Pandan woodlands, led by Prof D. H. Murphy and Workshop coordinator Wang Luan Keng. They not only had lots of fun catching insects in the tall grasses, they were also treated to stories of insects by Prof Murphy. All the labs in NUS were fully utilised that day and the museum is still undergoing renovation. Undaunted, make-shift tables were set up outside the museum and the students were soon happily learning about insects and their ecological roles, as well as preservation techniques and preparation of specimens.

03 Sep 2005: A group of Youth Envioronmental Envoys, organised by National Enviornment Agency (NEA) went for their first field trip to Semakau Landfill, led by Workshop Coordinator Wang Luan Keng. They were given a talk and tour of the landfill by NEA staff, Mr Hambali. The tide was fairly high but the students had fun looking for a some of the intertidal animals that can still be seen on the exposed beach.

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