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Sun 17 Jul 2005

Official Launch of Semakau Landfill for Recreational Activities

Category : education

10semakau_launch-16jul2005The Minister for the Environment and Water Resources, Dr Yaacob Ibrahim, officially opened Semakau for nature-based recreational activities yesterday's morning. View photos of the event.

Raffles Museum's director, A/P Peter Ng, together with President of Nature Society (Singapore), Dr Geh Min, President of the Sport Fishing Association of Singapore, Mr Chin C. K. and ex-resident of Pulau Sakeng, Haji Ghani, escorted the Minister on his tour. Despite the rainy start, the group departed from Pasir Panjang Ferry Terminal at 8.30am.

An advance party consisting of members of Toddycats, Wildfilms, Blue Water Volunteers and Nature Society (Singapore) had set up exhibition booths at Semakau earlier.

The ferry took the Minister and the rest of the guests around Pulau Semakau. During the cruise, an NEA engineer gave a brief account of the making of Semakau Landfill. Raffles Museum Associate, Ms Ria Tan of WildSingapore, conducted a slideshow of the fascinating diversity of Semakau’s intertidal areas.

Some 40 families of ex-residents of Pulau Sakeng were amongst the invited guests at the launch. Many of them expressed gratitude to NEA for inviting them back to their island again.

The rain stopped just as we arrived at the Semakau jetty. Speeches were given by the CEO of NEA, Mr Lee Yuen Hee, and the Minister for the Environment and Water Resources, Dr Yaacob Ibrahim. Plaques were given out to ex-residents of Pulau Sakeng.

The Minister and guests were given a tour of some of the landfill area on Semakau and subsequently visited exhibitions set up by the three interest parties which will be conducting nature-based recreation activities on the island.

To visit Semakau, you can call one of these interest groups:
  • Sport Fishing - The Sport Fishing Association of Singapore at info@sfas.net
  • Birdwatching - The Nature Society (Singapore), tel: 6457-1196
  • Intertidal walks (for schools and members of the public from early 2006) - The Raffles Museum of Biodiversity Research; contact Ms Wang Luan Keng (email: dbswlk@nus.edu.sg or mobile: 92707503).

Report by Wang Luan Keng. Other reports and links at Habitatnews, WildFilms and KLOG.

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