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Fri 01 Jul 2005

Hopea sangal wood slices varnished

Category : education

1st July 2005 - After a vacumn down by Research Officer N. Sivasothi, Raffles Museum volunteer Adrian Loo set to work to varnish the wood slices from the ill-fated Hopea sangal tree.

The slices had been collected back from by Mr K L Yeo on 22nd June 2005 from the "Eastern Union Trading and Sawmill" who had pressure-soaked the wood in Chromated Copper Arsenic (CCA) solution.

The wood pieces were vacumned to remove the CCA-soaked sawdust and the varnishing further contributes as a penetrating stain to reduce dislodgeable arsenic from the wood. This varnish will be reapplied annually and when exhibited, warning signs will advise against contact with the wood, as is done for existing mounted zoological exhibits which share the presence of arsenic-based poisons to ensure their long-term condition.

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