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Fri 17 Jun 2005

River Valley students on Insect Studies attachment

Category : education

River Valley High School students on a special attachment programme with the Raffles Museum. They conducted field trips to collect insects at Kent Ridge (13th June 2005) and the former Queen's Crescent (14th June 2005). In the photo below, they have just returned from a field trip and are sorting out their collections before processing and identifying specimens in the Dry Collection.

The secondary three students on the attachment are: Phyllis Yu, Geraldine Wong, Eileen How, Yang Xin Yi, Tan Li Hui, Soh Sue Ping, Lee Wan Ling, Chang Yu Ping, Kelvin Ho, Jared Yeo, Forgel Looi. They were supervised by Raffles Museum Curator H. K. Lua.

The collection has been identified as far as possible, labelled and deposited in the Raffles Museum's Zoological Reference Collection.

See more photos from the attachment here.

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