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Sun 24 Oct 2004

"aaaaagh i just went to a horror-house!"

Category : education

Vicki Ho, a literature major in NUS taking the general biology module, blogged about her visit to the Public Gallery on Tue 19 Oct 2004. She graciously permitted her account to be reproduced here:

"aaaaagh i just went to a horror-house, otherwise known as the biodiversity museum, somewhere buried within the science faculty at NUS. i had to go because of the general bio module i'm doing, and i needed to go to the museum and get information to fill up my pathetic little sheet of questions.

for those who don't already know, i'm deathly irked by fish, creepy crawlies and the like. as soon as i walk into the museum, i'm greeted by a huge coelacanth replica. 'sokay. i kept calm.

but as i got deeper and deeper through the museum corridor, i passed racks upon display racks of taxidermied animals. 'sokay. except they fitted them with those glass eyes that follow you as you walk by. #$&%-ers.

then into the darkened areas, where roadkilled leopards with crushed heads were floating in jars. nice.

and giant frogs, lizards, mudskippers and the like in smaller jars, their faces pressed up against the glass wall of the jars. and flying bats and lizards with their little hands (feet?) pinned against boards, so you could see the membrane between them. classy.

it wasn't about showing up and getting my attendance marked; i had to read the little signboards and display captions to get the answers for my sheet. so i had to sort of creep past the live displays and get to their descriptions, the whole time clutching my sheet of questions and a pen.

at one point i was looking at a rather well-preserved lizard specimen on one of the boards. thought it was there for decoration, or something.

then it scuttled away. #%!@^#%@%#*^#*!!!!

i should've written to the bio teaching assistant and made him waive off my assignment or something, on account of the nervous cold sweat i was breaking out in. but it's like tourette's, i suppose. no one bloody understands. nonetheless, i finished the assignment and got out of there in one piece, despite the nasty fright i got from some girl tapping me on the shoulder. she wanted some help with a question.

look, i know they aren't going to jump out of their jars and fly out and me and tap my shoulder or whatever, but i was jittery and getting irrational.

i'm just crazy, i know."

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