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Sat 18 Nov 2006

Hunybunz and family collect the Pachycephalosaurus!

Category : dinosaurs

18 Nov 2006 - Hunnybunz, the mum of Loh Yih Hang and their family trooped into the Raffes Museum today to collect his Pachycephalosaurus prize from the Dinosaurs! Blog contest.

Yi Hang's blog post was kindly typed in by his mummy and he wrote about his visit, "Sue was a T-Rex." Once of the objectives of bringing down Sue was to awaken that sense of awe in little kids and awaken an interest in Science. So kids like Yi Hang were our prime target and it was especially pleasant to read the thoughts of this five year old when we were judging the contest. Aren't blogs wondeful!

I opened up the Public Gallery for them to take a short walk around. Although both parents are NUS alumni, it was a surprise to see this little gem tucked away in one corner of the university. Along the way, I did explain that school kids regularly visit us, that I speak in schools about marine life and other topics, that our volunteers participate in public exhibitions, and that we lead field trips to various places in Singapore.

But yes, wouldn't it be wonderful if the exhibit was in a large museum in town?

Hunybunz and her husband are well informed about natural history and the internet, and we ended up chatting about the museum, Sue, Chek Jawa, public interest in our nature reserves and the International Coastal Cleanup!

As they left, they encouraged us to keep up our efforts in public education - that was helpful encouragement to tackle the public talks later at Toa Payoh! Meanwhile, when Yih Hang plays with his Pachycephalosaurus, I wonder if he'll dream of dinosaurs!

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