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Tue 23 May 2006

Christopher Brochu, the crocodile man

Category : dinosaurs

23 May 2006 - Christopher Brochu of University Iowa contemplating crocodile skulls at the Zoological Reference Collection of the Raffles Museum. He noticed some pattern variances amogst the pecimens and hopes to investigate this further.

Christopher "is very interested in the ways phylogeny can illuminate patterns among both living and extinct organisms, from molecular estimates of divergence timing to patterns of fossil diversity over geological time. Most of [his] work explores the phylogeny and historical biogeography of archosaurs, especially crocodylians and theropod dinosaurs. [He is] also involved with various projects studying the archosaur skull with high-resolution computed tomography."

He will be speaking at the Dinosaurs! symposium on Thursday, 25th May 2006, on "The Dead Speak: Lessons from a Tyrannosaur!" He will also be a panel speaker on Saturda, 27th May 2006.

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