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Mon 22 May 2006

Dinosaurs! featured on Channel NewsAsia Prime Time Morning

Category : dinosaurs

22 May 2006 - The Dinosaurs! exhibition was featured on Channel NewsAsia with Sue and Stan getting plenty of attention. Hard to resist those great teeth!
Prime Time Morning is hosted by Suzanne Jung and Steven Chia. I had just returned from the US in the wee hours of the morning, and received an SMS from Swee Hee, the Dinosaurs! project manager only a few hours later.

He told me to catch Peter and Phil if I could. I struggled out of bed at 8am and watched their discussion about 15 minutes later.

Peter and Phil responded in great comfort and in this shot, are both slanting to one side!

Lots of dinosaur images so the viewers will get the idea!

Peter looked slightly worse for wear, although he is a veteran of pre-dawn field trips. Somehow waking up this early for a studio session was torture! He perked up by afternoon though, although we gave him a hard time about it.

Oh, and while we don't stand on ceremony, the tagline is incorrect - Peter has been a full prof since Jan 2006.

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