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Fri 16 Feb 2007

Biodiversity & Ecology Journal Club: new coordinators for 2007/8

Category : bejc

30 Jan 2007 - Laura-Marie Yap and Eunice Tan of the Spider Lab have taken over the coordination of the Meetings of the Biodiversity & Ecology Journal Club (BEJC) as of 1st February 2007. The reins of the club were handed over today by Jose Christopher Medoza and Jeff Kwik of the Systematics and & Ecology Lab (Jan 2006-Feb 2007) whose last task was to find successors! Thanks fellas, for all that great work in the past year! (See the list of past coordinators since 2001 in "About the BEJC".)

So new coordinators Laura and Eunice will communicate with hosts or speakers to setup seminars (see "Guidelines for Hosts". Besides acting on suggestions, coordinators may invite speakers themselves or suggest ideas to potential hosts.

Despite everyone's research, field trip and teaching schedules, the journal club has been a reasonably efficient and flexible mechanism that has enabled us to hear from a wide variety of speakers; sometimes at just a days notice. We've been lucky to hear from many noteworthy speakers - prominent, young, passionate, even accidental but all briliant!

Each year during the handing-over ceremony, I conduct the traditional briefing complete with workflow sketches on the glass-topped table of the Raffles Museum's meeting room. An important part of this includes explaining why coordinators must extract relevant information from speakers - as this is used to publicise the talk to the wider community beyond the departmental emails:

The announcements have been well received by the community beyond NUS Biology as we meet friends, strangers or internet acquaintances at specific talks; sometimes we see some reflection of this in the blogosphere - see "An hour with Richard Corlett" and of course, Marcus Ng's post-seminar posts! One of his articles has just reached a wider audience through WildAsia.net!

So its important we circulate the information well, and its thanks to Yong An Nee, Reena Devi S. (up to 2006), Chan Yee Ngoh, Ria Tan and Airani. It's hard work but sometimes we have fun doing it - so don't miss the opportunity to learn and get inspired!

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