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Tue 28 Mar 2006

30 Mar 2006: 12pm - Kottelat on "2400 years of Ichthyology"

Category : bejc

Meetings of the Biodiversity & Ecology Journal Club, Department of Biological Sciences, NUS

"2400 years of Ichthyology, but an inventory still far from complete."

Maurice Kottelat
Honorary Research Associate,
Raffles Museum of Biodiversity Research,
National University of Singapore

Host: Tan Heok Hui

Thursday, 30th March 2006
12pm - 2 pm

DBS Conference Room
Blk S3, Level 5,
Dept. Biological Sciences,
National University of Singapore,
Science Drive 4
Visitors may park at Carpark 10; see map

About the talk - '2400 years' alludes to the number of years since the first comprehensive scientific fish work was published by Aristotelis. Very little of similar influence was published until the mid-16th Century. Maurice discusses recent estimates on the total number of fishes, known and unknown, and the basis for these numbers, and discusses why a higher increase of newly discovered species will be revealed in fresh waters rather than marine environments. However, many newly discovered taxa remain undescribed due to a shortage of trained taxonomists and that the publication pace needs to increase for a chance to provide data for management, conservation and research.

About the speaker - Maurice is the world leading authority on the taxonomy of Eurasian freshwater fishes, with a focus on species diversity and classification. He is one of the most experienced field workers in ichthyology and has conducted numerous expeditions particularly in Asia. He ranks as the most influential fish systematist in Europe and is consulted for his expertise on aquatic life in environmental assessments by international funding bodies, including the World Bank.

Maurice is founder and the editor of the quarterly scientific periodical Ichthyological Explorations of Freshwaters and president of the European Ichthyological Society. He has produced over 220 scientific publications, including eight books some of which cover entire national freshwater fish faunas. His field research resulted in the discovery and/or description of about 440 fish species new to science including the world's smallest vertebrate, Paedocypris progentica.

Synopses derived from The Petrus Artedi Tricentennial Symposium on Systematic Ichthyology where Maurice was honoured as Artedi Lecturer 2005. He is presently on a field trip with Heok Hui!

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