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Tue 30 Jan 2007

Bob Inger's a Datuk!

Category : people

22 Jan 2007 - Sarawak's Yang di-Pertua Negeri Tun Datuk Patinggi Abang Haji Muhammad Salahuddin conferred the honorary Panglima Setia Bintang Sarawak (PSBS) on Dr Robert Frederick Inger in a special investiture ceremony at the Astana, Petra Jaya in Kuching.

Bob, as he is fondly called, is a curator emeritus of the Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago, USA. He has worked for half a century on the herpetofauna of Borneo, cataloguing and describing more than 150 papers on their taxonomy and ecology. He is an old friend of biodiversity scientists

This report, "Datukship for Scientist" carried in the Eastern Times on 23 Jan 2007, also remarked that:

"His most outstanding charactiresitics, however, remain his unflagging kindness and generosity in helping generations of young herpetologists including many from Malaysia."

Well done Bob!

Harold Voris had emailed us from Chicago on 21st January 2007 to say:

"I have some good news. Bob is in Sarawak and he is receiving an important award on Monday. The Governor of Sarawak is making Bob a Datok! As you know this is a big title in Malaysia. Bob will soon be Dato Inger!!

This means we will have to treat him with BIG respect and carry his briefcase for him everywhere! We are all very happy for Bob and we hope that you will share this news with others that know Bob.

We chuckled once again at the sight of a field man in suit when a copy of the Eastern Times was sent over - it carried a much larger version of the photo seen here.

Well, it is certainly a rare honour and like Harold, we were enthusiastic about ribbing this veteran field biologist about his latest honour.

When Bob appeared at the Raffles Museum today, Swee Hee enthusiastically "welcomed the new Datuk" to our humble abode. He was in the wet collection in the morning for herpetological discussion with Tze Ming - Peter and I went down to congratulate him and remind Ming to be sure to carry Bob's bag!

Bob, of course, just grinned...

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Tue 30 Jan 2007

Heok Hui is off to Brunei

Category : education

30 Jan - 05 Feb 2007: Research Officer/Instructor Tan Heok Hui will be the resource scientist for NUS High School of Math & Science's field course in Brunei.

A group 10 students from the school will be visiting Brunei on an exchange trip, and will bejoined by 10 students from Maktab Sains Brunei. Two teachers from each school will lead the group and the field course will run from 26th January to 5th February 2007.

They will be spending several days at Kuala Belalong Field Studies Centre, to examine the aquatic life in the main stream and smaller feeder streams and conduct basic comparative studies. The students will also be taken on guided walks through the forests as well as the canopy walk.

Heok Hui has taken part in numerous field trips in Southeast Asia in the past 13 years, principally in the taxonomic pursuit of unravelling the poorly known fish diversity of the region.

For his doctoral thesis, he studied the fishes of the hill streams and headwaters of Borneo and this was published last year as a monograph.

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