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Tue 09 Jan 2007

Wed 10 Jan 2007: 10am - Matz Berggren on Linnaen projects in Sweden

Category : bejc

"The work of Linnaeus continues in Sweden"

Dr. Matz Berggren
Inst. Marine Ecology, Univ. Goteborg
Kristineberg Marine Research Station

DBS Conference Room
Blk S3, Level 5,
Department of Biological Sciences
National University of Singapore
Science Drive 4
Please park at Carpark 10; see map.

Wednesday, 10 January 2007: 10am - 11am

Host: Prof. Peter K.L. Ng
Director, Raffles Museum of Biodiversity Research, NUS

About the talk - In Sweden a large program is running today that would have pleased Linnaeus; it is aiming to describe all the macroscopic (>1mm) fauna and flora of Sweden!

This talk will give a short introduction of Linnaeus and a little about the program "In the wake of Linnaeus" in which marine biologists have been sailing with the crew of the Gotheborg, a recreated 18th century Swedish East Indiaman that has already sailed to China. On its return leg, it has stopped over in Singapore and Matz will join the ship for the next leg to India leg.

He will then talk about the work in taxonomy going on in Sweden today. It will focus on a project called "The Swedish Taxonomy Initiative" by ArtDatabanken (The Swedish Species Information Centre) in Uppsala, Sweden; especially the part of that program concerning the marine biota will be in focus.

An exhibition in connection with the talk by the scientific artist Ms Helena Samuelsson, Tjarno Marine Biological Laboratory, will be set up.

She will show some reprints of her art of marine animals and how a scientific illustrator is working by showing a series of pictures how a correct illustration of an animal is built up. She will be present to answer questions to the interested viewers of her art.

The Linnaeus celebration - linnaeus2007.se
The Swedish Ship Gotheborg - soic.se
Aboard the Gotheborg - gotheborg.wordpress.com

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