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Fri 23 Jun 2006

Life in the Undergrowth

Category : people

Joelle dropped in at the museum to offer her copy of the Life in the Undergrowth DVD to the museum volunteers for a private viewing session. She hastened to point out a special additional detail on the DVD - David Attenborough's signature that she acquired during a recent trip to the UK.

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Fri 23 Jun 2006

We got luggage!

Category : people

We get lots of parcels at the museum, all the time. Specimens, books, electronics are all common place.

And we could not help laughing at this gentleman's practical method of sending his field equipment ahead of him.

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Fri 23 Jun 2006

Reaching heartlanders on World Environment Day - EnviroFest 2006

Category : toddycats

04 Jun 2006, Envirofest2006 - The Raffles Museum Toddycats! setup an exhibition booth to promote nature awareness at EnviroFest on Sunday 4th June 2006 at Toa Payoh HDB Hub. Read the report in Habitatnews.

Posted at 3:13AM UTC by N. Sivasothi | permalink | ,