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Tue 13 Dec 2005

Sat 17 Dec: 7.30pm - "Unveiled!" - Short films by Singapore videographers

Category : education

Raffles Museum Toddycats
are proud to present:

Five short films on nature
by Singapore videographers

Venue: The Giving Tree @ North East 2005
(white tents next to Tampines MRT)
Nature/Environment Sector
Sat 17 Dec 2005: 7.30pm

Chek Jawa Revisited (26 mins)
"Chek Jawa - Last Chance to See." By Eric Lim, 2001.
"Chek Jawa - A celebration of the Sea". By Lee Chuen Ling, 2002.
"Chek Jawa, a celebration of marine life." By Eric Lim, 2003.

The Southern Shores exposed (10 mins)
"Life on the edge - the promise of our southern shores." By Wildfilms, 2005.

A plea for a gentle giant - in aid of Whale Sharks (10 mins)
"Goodwill Hunting." By Lee Chuen Ling/Wildaid, 2003.

Thanks to Vegetarian Society for the screen

See Habitatnews for more details.

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