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Thu 13 Oct 2005

Toddycats Project Managers Briefing

Category : toddycats

Saturday, 8th October 2005 - Toddycats Project Managers who rarely ever meet off-season, attended a briefing by Research Officer/Volunteer Coordinator N. Sivasothi a.k.a. "Otterman" in the newly refurbished director's office.

They were briefed about projections of the next phase of the develping Raffles Museum volunteer programme.

During the discussion, Project Managers proposed the first ever Toddycats night tour of the musueum after its recent renovation.

We also decided to host a volunteer "thank you" dinner after the tours and some 50 people are coming.

Look out for more photos soon!

Photo by November Tan

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Thu 13 Oct 2005

Life on board the "ALIS"

Category : research

Based on her "impressive" performance in the last two Panglao expeditions, graduate student Joelle Lai was invited along on a French expedition on board the IFR (Institut Fran¨ais de Recherche pour le Dˇveloppement en Coopˇration) ship, the "ALIS".

Raffles Museum sponsored her trip there in order for her to gain more exposure and training.

We hope she has stopped mimicking the Merlion and found her sea legs by now. At any rate, from her accounts, she is already dark, sun burnt, scruffy and salty. Its not torture, since she has hot showers, hot food and internet access - enough to send us a couple of photo-montages.

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