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Thu 21 Apr 2005

Two new species of dipterans from mangroves in Singapore

Category : pub

Raffles Museum's sabbatical visitor Patrick Grootaert has, with Igor Shamsev, described two new species of dipterans of the genus Chersodromia Walker from mangroves of Singapore - C. nigripennis and C. singaporensis.

Shamsev, I & P. Grootaert, 2005. Two new species of the genus Chersodromia Walker (Diptera: Hybotidae) from Southeast Asia. Zootaxa, 942: 1-10. [pdf].

The tachydromiine fly genus Chersodromia Walker belongs to the unique complex of the empidoids species inhabiting the intertidal and supralittoral zones of sea shores. Representatives of this group are often very small flies (from less than 1.0 to 2.0 mm long) usually occupying very specialised niches, e.g. reef-flats, sandy beaches, crab holes, wet rocks, the mangrove directly exposed to the sea and only rarely penetrate inland.

Chersodromia includes currently about 48 species and is undoubtedly distributed worldwide. However, it has been studied most extensively from the Palaearctic only, and these the first two species described form the Oriental region.'

Based on fresh field collections between 2000-2005, C. nigripennis, named after its dark wings, was found in mangroves of Sungei Buloh, Pulau Ubin, Pasir Ris and Chek Jawa. The holotype is from Sungei Buloh, 2003. A second species, C. singaporensis, has been named after Singapore and was found in Noordin beach, Chek Jawa and Sedili Kechil, Johor. The holotype is from Chek Jawa, 2002.

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Thu 21 Apr 2005

647kmē shoots an episode in the Raffles Museum

Category : media

A local media company Screenbox Productions has been producing an award-winning infotainment programme since 2001 called 647kmē for MediacorpTV12's Suria (see synopsis of the fourth season).

The producers chanced upon the Raffles Museum through the Museum Roundtable brochure and decided to include it in the 5th season of 647kmē. Zeehan Jaafar handled the interviews alongside characters that transformed into interesting alter-egos!

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