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Tue 02 Nov 2004

Peter Davie & Peter Castro

Category : visitors

Our long awaited crabby friends (crustacean taxonomists) and old friends Peter Davie and Peter Castro arrived last night at the Raffles Museum for one month this time. They have met elsewhere several times before but this is the first time they meet in Singapore.

Here they are seen, hanging out with Peter, Swee Hee and Darren below the old 1988 sign welcoming visitors to the Zoological Reference Collection, which is now once again part of the Raffles Museum.

We shifted to the Public Gallery for a traditional photo ­ in front of the Crab Section of course!

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Tue 02 Nov 2004

Gossamer Pavilions

Category : talks

The Earl of Cranbrook, Peter Ng and Lena Chan presented "The Gossamer Pavilions" to an audience from the biodiversity community from all over Singapore.

The talk cover the background, uses and relevance of scientific nomenclature with case studies, the role and work of the International Commission on Zoological Nomenclature (ICZN) and the funding situation which is rather grim at the moment - this last part was clarified by the Earl of Cranbrook, who is the chairman of the International Trust for Zoological Nomenclature which funds the ICZN.

It was an enjoyable talk with the speakers flawlessly tag-teaming each other and arguing an excellent case for the relevance of the method and the institution. A subsequent panel discussion was followed by tea.

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Tue 02 Nov 2004

Earl of Cranbrook visits

Category : visitors

The Earl of Cranbrook visited the Raffles Museum on Monday, 1st November 2004. He is the former Lord Medway who penned numerous books such as the well -used Mammals of Borneo and the Wild Mammals of Malaya (Peninsular Malaysia) and Singapore, as well as numerous other publications on birds, swiflets, cave expeditions and excavations.

He toured the museum he had last seen in Nissen Huts,. and later, with Peter Ng and Lena Chan presented "The Gossamer Pavilions".

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