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Wed 30 Jun 2004

Peter Dworschak of Vienna Museum

Category : visitors

Peter C. Dworschak, crustacean curator of the Naturhistorisches Museum in Vienna, Austria, dropped by for a lighting visit on 30th June 2004. He was on his way back from a one month stint with the Panglao Marine Biodiversity Project 2004.

He specializes in thalassinideans (slender bodied burrowing lobster-like crustaceans like the mangrove mud lobster) and was having a quick look at specimens in the Raffles Museum in our collection. He was hosted by Darren Yeo and Tan Swee Hee.

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Wed 30 Jun 2004

Sarawak Bau Limestone Biodiversity

Category : resources

Yong, H.S., F.S.P. Ng & E.Y.E. Lee (eds.), 2004. Sarawak Bau Limestone Biodiversity. The Sarawak Museum Journal, Vol. 59 (80, New Series), Special Issue No. 6: i-vii + 1-411.

The 28 articles and eight pages of photos about the 30 month project includes floral and faunal inventories and two new fish and three new crab species described by Peter Ng, Tan Heok Hui and others.

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